Bussiness with pleasure

Welcome to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, home of the cravat and Penkala fountain pen, a city with a unique atmosphere, which is full of new business opportunities!

It is a modern city that guarantees business success and is also a perfect place for making new friends whilst offering a pleasant sojourn. Why not have the best of both? 

Business and pleasure, interesting stories and a unique atmosphere? Zagreb has become popular among business people and tourists alike due to its longstanding tourist tradition and ideal conjunction of historical heritage and contemporary entrepreneurship.

Zagreb is both a city teeming with business opportunities and a charmingly relaxed city, a city full of historical monuments and romantic stories, but also dynamic, modern and hospitable. It abounds in green spaces and has a variety of beautiful parks and recreational areas. Zagreb will allow you to complete your business successfully while enjoying yourself thoroughly.

Its streets are ideal for relaxing walks whilst its squares, of which the central Ban Jelačić Square has been ranked among the most beautiful squares in Europe, have numerous cafes in the open. You can enjoy the wondrous confluence of Zagreb’s romantic and dynamic daily life, which includes open-air events and buskers. Life is truly beautiful!

Your laptop, notebook and smart phone, your home and office away from home are at the touch of your hand wherever you decide to go in Zagreb, whether you are at a long awaited congress, a coat-and-tie event at one of its flush historic venues, spending a quiet moment relaxing or exercising at one of the numerous city parks or recreational parks, or attending a business meeting, or enjoying a cappuccino in one of the romantic streets in the Upper Town… Zagreb has many faces and surprises in store.

 A conjunction of the hustle and bustle of daily city life, the serenity of peaceful afternoons and dreamy romantic evenings, Zagreb is a vibrantly pulsing city that has existed over the centuries and can offer myriad moments of joy.

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O Zagrebu

Zagreb, glavni grad Republike Hrvatske, jedan je od najstarijih europskih gradova ali i jedna od najmlađih europskih metropola.

O dugoj povijesti govori podatak da je njegova biskupija osnovana 1094. godine a 1242. godine proglašen je slobodnim kraljevskim gradom.

Tu, Vama nadomak

Zagreb je srednjoeuropski grad koji je zračnim, cestovnim i željezničkim vezama izvrsno povezan sa europskim i vaneuropskim gradovima.

Za sjećanje

Zagreb je prava svjetska metropola u čijim ćete dućanima naći odjevne, ukrasne i druge predmete svjetskih dizajnera i proizvođača. Ali mnogo je toga i iz specifične, zagrebačke i hrvatske tradicionalne ili pak suvremene ponude.

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